Our Mission

Sustainable Transportation Vermont (STV) is committed to moving the state to a more sustainable transportation system – a system that relies less on motorized transportation and instead fosters real alternatives such as walking, biking, public transportation and passenger rail that reduce the environmental, economic and social impacts of our present system. We believe transportation leaders should prioritize investments, programs and policies that encourage non-motorized alternatives and reduce automobility.

We endorse the sustainable transportation framework below. The cleanest, greenest and least expensive mile is the mile not driven alone in an automobile.


Sustainable Transportation Vermont is committed to:

  • Reducing the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our transportation footprint.
  • Promoting a transportation system that is more sustainable.
  • Shining the spotlight on practices that don’t support a sustainable system.
  • Meeting the state’s energy goals & GHG emissions goals by sharply reducing the energy used in the transportation system by 2020.