Thinking Multimodally

Work has finally begun in Montpelier on a new Transportation Center. All signs are pointing towards an important addition to the Montpelier landscape. The Multi Modal Transit and Visitor Center is going to be walking and biking-distance from most amenities and many places of work in Montpelier. It will also be accessible by a number of car alternatives that are convenient for both commuters and inter-city/interstate travelers.

Located on Taylor Street in downtown, the site will serve as a stop for Vermont Translines and Green Mountain Transit (both currently have stops in Montpelier), for tourist and charter buses and potentially for a future AMTRAK connection. It will also function as a stop for shuttles that travel to and from satellite parking lots, as part of the city’s parking and traffic plan. Designers and planners also hope to integrate this transit center into a Montpelier Visitors Center that welcomes people to the Capital.

The transit center will be built with the flexibility to incorporate rail. As you can read here, rail feasibility studies are still in the works and we likely won’t see commuter rail or the rerouting of interstate rail in Montpelier for a decade or so. Nonetheless, they are accommodating this potential into their design. Currently, the Montpelier AMTRAK station is accessible only by car.

In the meantime, the city has to remove 2,000 tons of PCP-contaminated soil from the site followed by a rebuilding of the retaining wall along the Winooski River. They will also extend the current bike path 2 miles from where it currently ends. Building will begin this coming Spring.


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