Welcome, Gov. Phil Scott

Here at Sustainable Transportation Vermont we want to congratulate Governor-elect Phil Scott on his recent election victory. Governor-elect Scott clearly knows a great deal about Vermont’s transportation system from his years in the Legislature and in Vermont. The Governor-Elect is also an avid recreational cyclist so has experienced many of Vermont’s roads first hand as a biker.

What he knows and is willing to do to move Vermont forward to a system where pedestrians, cyclists and bus riders receive equal treatment with car drivers remains to be seen. Clearly, the state has a long way to go to provide safe travel lanes for walkers and bikers and transit systems that provide real alternatives.

Mr. Scott opposed the concept of a carbon pollution tax, which might have provided additional incentives to move our transportation system forward. Similar public policy initiatives in electricity have shown great success there on promoting renewable energy in Vermont. But Mr. Scott has embraced some cyclist safety laws and been a champion of roundabouts we have been told.

So, what does Phil Scott propose for Vermont’s transportation system? Here at STV we hope that investments in complete streets, bike and public transport infrastructure, ride sharing and policies that reduce car travel while providing real alternatives are part of the new Governor’s vision for the future of Vermont.



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